Standard Link Ads

Standard Link Ads are stand alone links that appear on a publisher's site. Often, they appear in the side navigation, but they may appear elsewhere on the page.

To get started with Standard Link Ads, watch the video below.

Creating Standard Link Ads

To create a Standard Link Ad, follow the simple directions below:

  1. Click on "My Standard Link Ads" in the side navigation of your Advertiser Control Panel.

  2. Click the button to "Add Standard Link Ad".

  3. For "Link Ad Category", select the category that best describes your Standard Link Ad.

  4. Enter your "Link Ad URL", the URL on your site that you want to link to.

  5. Then, enter at least one "Link Anchor". This will be used as the anchor text for your links. To add more "Link Anchors", click the button to "Add New Anchor Text".

  6. When you are finished, click the "Add Standard Link Ad" button.

Your new link ad will appear in the My Standard Link Ads section of your control panel.

Managing Standard Link Ads

To manage your Standard Link Ads, click on "My Standard Link Ads" in the side navigation. From this section, you can search for Link Ads by URL or anchor text or sort them by "Date Added", "Page Title", "Page URL", or the number of existing links.

The listing displays all of the information you need about that link ad including the category of the link ad, the number of existing links, and the number of credits used.

To view the number of links and credits for a specific anchor text, click the "View by anchor text" link.

To edit the URL or add anchor text, click the "Edit" button.

To place your Standard Link ad on a page, click the "Select Links" button.

To view the links you have already created, click the "Existing Links" button.

Advertiser Help:

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